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    Dontronics What's New?
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What's New at Dontronics?

===== Edition 89 Newsletter To Here 13-Oct-2013 ======


Olimex Specials:
All Olimex products are now 30%+ off normal Olimex Prices.

Some Olimex products are 90% off:

$25 for an Olinuxino Linux PC:

The World's Cheapest Computer:
DuinoMite the PIC32 $20 Basic Computer-MicroController
Add VGA Monitor/TV, and PS2 Keyboard, or use USB Terminal
Arduino Shield, Programmed in Basic, or C.

Melabs Basic Compilers 30% off:
CCS Compilers 5% off:
FTDI modules will be sold at 5% off per month until they
either sell or reach 90% off:
SimmSticks are selling at $1 and $2:
Many other specials available. Some items at up to 90% off.

===== Edition 88 Newsletter To Here 5-July-2012 ======



OlinuXino-Maxi Linux PC. 

Best price on the web. €uro 39.95, No VAT or State Taxes. This price is €uro 5.00 cheaper than normal retail, low shipping costs.

Dontronics is an Australian company. We can't charge you any additional country taxes such as VAT and State Taxes. This will save you 20% VAT in Europe, as Olimex must charge you 20% unless you have a valid EU-VAT-ID, and ship only by courier.

Most countries don't add custom import charges to low value import packages such as this.

Olimex-DuinoMite-Standard #16983

For a short period of time, Dontronics is offering a 25% discount off their normal retail price on our Standard DuinoMite board, as we are currently over stocked.

This has to be cheaper than you can actually purchase the individual parts to build one. You can't buy a PCB and a programmed PIC32 chip at this price.

The standard board has been the slowest selling platform, possibly because you need to have the DuinoMite I/O board to allow it to interface to a keyboard, and TV, or VGA monitor.

Basically, this discount is priced so that you can purchase both the DuinoMite standard, and the DuinoMite I/O board (if you chose to do so), at around the same price you would pay for a DuinoMite Mini board.

DuinoMite standard has provision for battery backup with automatic power source change, i.e. you can power this board by External power supply 9-30VDC, USB, or battery, the power switching is automatic.

It also has the Arduino shield footprint.

Can be loaded with DuinoMite Basic, or MaxiMite Basic, as Geoff Graham has written a special version to offer limited support for the DuinoMite boards.

This is a great way of getting into MaxiMite-DuinoMite programming at an obscene entry price level, or perfectly priced as a backup board for your critical stand alone application. Quantity discounts still apply.

(MM-DM) New MM-DM Products From Dontronics

Received a box of new MaxiMite-DuinoMite products from Olimex recently, so these products are now in stock and available from Dontronics: et.html 

===== Edition 87 Newsletter To Here 19-Feb-2012 ======


Like many companies, Dontronics has had to change direction during the last couple of years in order to survive.

We have had to drop many items that have been slow to move, or not moving at all, and are basically getting out of micros, and general components, as many of these can be purchased post free from overseas companies. It is now a global market, and it is obvious that users will chase the best prices on line that they can get.

The products that have continued to sell well, we will of course continue to stock.

Here is a list of categories, of the items we have been selling at discount prices, and we have been dropping these prices at the rate of 5% each and every month:

Many of these are already selling at 90%+ off.

and we are selling off all of our SimmStick Stock at prices from $1 to $2 a board:

For us, the most exciting product to come along in the last 6 months, has been the Maximite and DuinoMite items.

Here is our running short text description for the DuinoMite version:

DuinoMite the PIC32 $35 Basic Computer-MicroController
Just add a VGA monitor or TV, and PS2 Keyboard.
Arduino Shield, Programmed in Basic, or C.

And recently, we have added all of the below items to the MaxiMite and DuinoMite range:

Because of the pricing and versatility, we believe that the MaxiMite and DuinoMite products will be replacing a lot of existing compilers, programmers, development boards, and is a good entry level for students and beginners introduction into electronics and programming today, as there are already many practical projects up and running. For examples, see:


===== Edition 86 Newsletter To Here 28-Nov-2011 ======

2011-11-25 Olimex UEXT MOD-IO Now working on the DuinoMite under MM-BASIC:
INFO: MOD-IO is stackable development board which add analog and digital inputs and outputs to any of our development boards with UEXT. If you work with any of our development boards with UEXT connector and you need more digital and analog iniputs and outputs you can add these by connecting MOD-IO to your development board. This board allow easy interfacing to 4 relays, 4 optoisolated digital inputs, 4 analog inputs. MOD-IO is stack-able and addressable, what does this means? these boards can plug together so you can add as many as you want input and outputs! i.e. 8, 12 etc! MOD-IO have ATmega16 microcontroller and the firmware is available for modification.
Demo code, videos, includes change address, relay on, relay off, and run relays on two boards all from Basic.

font size="-1"2011-11-16 DuinoMite, the Dynamite MaxiMite Compatible:
DuinoMite is a Maximite Compatible Basic computer, originally designed by Geoff Graham, with additional features and Arduino like layout. DuinoMite allows you to program in the BASIC language and have VGA and Keyboard interface, so you can develop and write your code in Basic without need of any computer. You can store your code on the SD-CARD and to execute it on power up through autoexec.bas main code.

14-Jun-11 Coming Soon! TCTEC Pty Ltds Maximite-SM1  The Maximite is a small and versatile computer running a full featured BASIC interpreter with 128K of working memory. It will work with a standard VGA monitor and PC compatible keyboard and because the Maximite has its own built in SD memory card and BASIC language you need nothing more to start writing and running BASIC programs. The Maximite also has also 20 input/output lines which can be independently configured as analog inputs, digital inputs or digital outputs.  You can measure voltage, frequencies, detect switch closure, etc and respond by turning on lights, closing relays, etc - all under control of your BASIC program.

14-Jun-11 TCTEC Pty Ltds RS485 Master Isolated USB to RS485 Module 2500V RMS Isolation between USB and RS485, USB powered, Extended operating temperature range -30 to +70 Degrees C, Baudrate 300 bps  to 500k bps, Eliminate ground loops and increase reliability

Super4 RS485 Relay Module Relays (4x):5 Amp 30VDC, 5Amp 250V AC, Sealed omron mechanical relays, Address 1 to 255, Power on LED, relay indicator LEDs  

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