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  Dontronics :: USB Converters :: EasySync Premium GOLD USB-RS232 Adapter cable ( 10cm cable )

    EasySync Premium GOLD USB-RS232 Adapter cable ( 10cm cable ) #16139
EasySync Premium GOLD USB-RS232 Adapter cable ( 10cm cable ) 

Guaranteed to be 100% FTDI Compatible.
Will run the latest drivers as these are manufactured by FTDI.

Product: 16139

Prices | Support | Lost CD or Upgraded your Operating System?

The CD's for all EasySync products have been phased out since March 2013, as the Drivers are regularly updated on the FTDI website. The packing for these products will still stay the same with the CD removed.

NOTE Windows 7 and 8 Users:
If you simply plug in the FTDI device, you should find that the drivers will auto-install.

You will find the drivers for all other systems at: This includes Windows 8, and all other Windows Versions, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows CE. See the above URL address for full version information.

All orders must be placed via the Shopping Cart, unless prior arrangements have been made for special orders.
This includes Government, and Educational orders.

This model US232R-10 has a 10 cm cable. US232-100 has a 1 meter cable.

US232R-10 A compatible & complete replacement for the now obsolete US232B/LC product.
US232R-100 A compatible & complete replacement for the now obsolete US232B product.

Yes, this is the one that is Clipsal C-Bus compatible

Dontronics Guarantee: These converters are packed in a plastic envelope that can easily be re-packed without any damage. If you purchase this product, and it doesn't work for you, return it in a re-sellable condition, that is, in the same condition that it was delivered to you, and will will refund your money in full, provided you return it within 7 days of receiving it.

Full data sheets, schematics, application notes, and drivers are available, so this is a must for anyone wanting to get that special project running from a USB port.

US232R is our new premium USB to RS232 adapter cable. This new design sets the standards in appearance and functionality with its high gloss white enclosure and side-lit blue traffic indicators designed to appeal to discerning PC and MAC users alike. For additional connection reliability, both the USB connector and DB9 serial connector are gold plated. Based on the very latest FTDI "R" series chip set technology the US232R offers outstanding performance and quality at a remarkable price. The US232R is supplied in full retail packaging including driver CD.
MAC users will be pleased to note that the US232R supports the new Intel based platforms as well as the traditional Power PC based models.

Special high gloss white finish enclosure design
Looks and works great with MAC, PC and Linux platforms
Enhanced RS232 transciever gives serial port speed of up to 1000K bps
Adds one RS-232 serial port by connecting to USB port
Installed as standard Windows COM port
FIFO: 128 byte transmit buffer 384 byte receive buffer
Works with USB 1.1 & 2.0 host port
One DB9 male connector
Serial Communication Parameters
 -Parity: None, Even, Odd
 -Data bits: 7, 8
 -Flow control: RTS/CTS , DSR/DTR, X-ON/  X-OFF, None
Gold plated USB and DB9 connectors for enhanced connection reliability
Side-lit blue RX and TX traffic indicators
integral 10cm USB cable with moulded strain relief
Quality 4-layer pcb design
COM Port Number can be changed to COM1 to COM4 to support HyperTerminal, or any other COM port number required
Uses latest FTDI "R" type chip set & drivers for maximum compatibility
Supports Windows XP, 2003, 2000, ME, 98, Linux, MAC-OS8,9,X
Full RS-232 modem control signals
RS-232 data signals: TxD, RxD, RTS, CTS, DSR, DTR, DCD, RI, GND
Powered by USB port. No external power adapter required.


Check out Craig Peacock's on-line article at entitled "USB with the simplicity of RS-232 -High Speed USB Controllers for Serial and FIFO Applications" which contains a well written overview of our FT8U232AM and FT8U245AM devices.

Also have a look at Jan Axelson's USB page at:

25-May-2011 Max Perry NSW  Australia Hi, I received the DB9/RS232 to USB cable this morning. It is working perfectly! I am using it to monitor a Solar Power inverter (which has only DB9/RS232 PC output) using a netbook that only has USB ports. In case you get enquiries from someone else trying to do this, my inverter is a Xantrex GT2.8. Many thanks for your excellent service and product! Cheers, Max Perry
27-Jun-08 Mark Turnbull Hampton VIC AUSTRALIA The adaptor has been running continuously online with a Siemens S5 PLC for 10 hours straight with no issues. You haved saved me at least 300 dollars buying a cable out of Germany using the FTDI chipset. Again Thanx , great product. Regards Mark 
15-Dec-2006 Mark Gibbs Box Hill AUSTRALIA Thanks Penny and Don, Goods arrived on time and in one piece. Pity I didn’t know about these EasySync usb-rs232 4 years ago. I have tried 4 different Keyspan and Prolilific models on two different laptops with nothing but trouble and reliability problems for 4 years. I even bought another desktop pc to get around the problems of bad serial ports. Cheap and unreliable is no bargain at all. Easysync installed first go, ran perfectly first and every time ever since (well for two days anyway). I think I'm in developer heaven. Thanks once again.
Pfaff sewing machine, and Designaknit Professional for Windows 
13-Jul-2005 Ashley Barrington MT BARKER AUSTRALIA  Thanks Don - I experimented last night and the convertor works perfectly.
I was warned that most USB/serial convertors do not work with Win XP.  I have WinXP and have no problems.  I would expect that if anyone has any problems it is only because they have not configured their COM Port correctly in Device Manager. The PC-Designer software for the Pfaff sewing machine allows choice of Com Ports 1, 2, 3, 4 - so there should not be a problem. I experimented last night and found an added bonus: This converter also works with software called Designaknit Professional for Windows - UK software for use with electronic knitting machines. For those of us with serial cables (Silver Link 1) for use with our Singer/Silver Reed(UK&US) electronic kniting machines this converter also works.  There has been no converter that has been successful - and we have been encouraged to purchase a special USB cable which costs around AUD$300.  So I will inform the manufacturer and also some of the knitting machine groups. I have sent an email to them confirming this. Thanks again much appreciated. Ashley Barrington! 
20-Apr-2005 Mark Dyball Australia Gday Don. Well I must say that your USB to COMMs port adapter worked perfect the first time. The security Boomgate system plugged directly into the comms port on the computer and the Wedge Reader plugged into your USB to COMMs port adapter and there was not one problem. The installer was not sure that it would work but was very surprised when It did without a problem. He said that he has had a lot of problems with this type of adapter.
3-Sep-2004 Geoff Douglass Circuitlink International Seven Hills AUSTRALIA thanks Don, we used another adaptor the other day and had no luck at all. Yours worked first time and every time. (Not another testimonial!!!!!) regards
16 Jun 2004 Brian Murtha USA It's an excellent, robust converter, BTW, the best we tested. -Brian
15-Jun-2004 Mark Voevodin Australia The USB Serial port (EasySync Standard) works great to legacy telephone systems (PBX), as these are as hard to interface to as GPS, as most of them need the handshaking lines. We will be recommending to our customers to contact yourselves for their Serial to USB needs in the future.
9-Dec-2003 Peter Gouws Bytes Document Solutions Johannesburg South Africa Hi Sharon, Goods arrived today!!and appear to work well. Thanks again for your Prompt and friendly service. I will definately recommend you guys to others.
5-Dec-2003 Ruary Mackenzie BHP Billiton Port Hedland WA Don, Thank you very much for your quick service.  Ordered late Wednesday afternoon (WA time) and package was recieved in Port Hedland early Friday morning.  USB-RS232 adapters work fine with all software I have tried them with.  Again thank you.  I only wish our other suppliers could be even half as good.
30-Jul-2003 Rod Shannon Ilfracombe QLD AUSTRALIA Sharon,A quick note to say the cable I ordered from you arrived 2 days ago, and I find it works perfectly.  For some reason, other RS-232 - USB converters don't seem to like transferring data between a Garmin GPS & a computer running Windows XP (The computer will spontaneously re-boot during data transfer). However, I find this cable has been working perfectly, and the downloads are trouble-free. It was quick to arrive, and works perfectly. I couldn't ask for more.
7-Feb-2003  Jason Watt. Inner Range Technical Support. Dear Sir, The prevalence of U.S.B. ports being standard on most new Laptops these days is making 9 pin Serial ports either obsolete or an expensive retro fit.  We manufacture Alarm/Access/Automation products and extensively rely on UART/RS232 for, amongst other applications, connection of Laptops to our systems via either direct UART or telephonic dialup. Your EasySync U.S.B. to Serial converter has been tested and approved as a preferred 3rd party product by us at Inner Range for our purposes. I found the installation quick, uncomplicated and transparent to our systems and software environment running under Win2K. We will be recommending EasySync to Installers of our product in the future. Thanks to Chris Olivier for bringing your product to our attention. Regards,
11-Dec-2002 Dunlop ACT 2615 AUSTRALIA Chris Olivier Dear Sir, Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your USB - RS232 converter.  I needed it to direct connect to alarm panels, I had previously tried three others and none of them worked!  I plugged yours in and straight away it worked. Thank you,
30-Nov-2002 Brian Ford Australia Hi,The device arrived a few days after the order. Thanks.
After using a Targus and Belkin USB/Serial convertor for my miniture Data-logger and having nothing but trouble with incomplete session uploads. The product I got from you guys has worked very well and the hair pulling is over. I'm recommending it to others.
1-Nov-2002 Shelton Martin Santa Barbara Ca USA Hi Don, In case you are curious or are planning to build a database for customers to verify that your USB-RS232 adaptor will work with their application, this is from the customer that I purchased the product for "The infrared thermal unit is sold by Mitchel Instruments, Model # MITMX4P.  Lot #2120340401, Sep 2002, Serial # :002".  While the stereo to RS232 cable was defective (very poor workmanship combined with the cheapest parts available) and needed reworking, which cast a shadow of doubt on your product at the start, once the cable from Mitchell was fixed your product worked flawlessly.  Kudos.
16-Oct-2002 Toin Bloo The Netherlands Hello Dontronics, I received your goods today, in good shape. Thank you! And what is even better: it works! (EasySync) Now I'm able to connect the Cygnal microcontroller development kit to my Apple running in Virtual PC and download and control it.
30-Aug-2002 Stephen Scott-Young ( Hi Don, The EasySync converters are working fine. Plugging in and loading the drivers contained no suprises - all four converters loaded perfectly. At the moment I only have 2 serial devices connected and running simultaneously, but in a few weeks I will be trying with 4 devices. I'll let you know how that comes along. Thanks Don!
23-May-2002 Peter McConaghy Seven Hills AUSTRALIA Subject: It works!! Hi Don, Got the USB-RS232 adaptor earlier today and it works with our software! Yeh! It's the 3rd one we've tried - our system works on small data packets and the other ones caused timeouts or lost the data totally.
18-Feb-2002 Jeremy Moore Don- Order showed up last Friday.  Thanks, it works great with my Garmin GPS.  It is too bad Garmin has not decided to make their own cable or make their GPS devices USB capable.  Would be pretty easy with these chips!  Oh well... maybe one day... Have a great week. -Jeremy


1) Do you need additional support on this product?
2) You can't find the information you need in the documentation?
3) You have upgraded your operating system, and the current CD doesn't cover it?
4) You have lost your CD?
5) You need a list of the Operating Systems this product will operate with? (Covers virtually everything).
6) Any questions not covered in the above list?

then please click here.


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Shipped From Dontronics Yallambie Vic. Australia
Shipping: Free Shipping in Australia
Aust GST Payable By Australian Residents
Manufacturer Easysync
Price: AUD$54.54 (USD$ 38.00) (€uro 33.68)

NOTE *** Australian Residents: If Applicable, 10% GST is added to the price, after you have logged in.

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