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  Dontronics :: FAQ's - Main Index

    FAQ's - Main Index
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ordering and Payment Questions
How can I tell if you have the item I wish to order in stock?
Is payment by Credit Card safe over the internet, and what about International credit card transactions?
My Credit Card payment is asking for an additional password. Is this safe and legitimate?
Do you offer student discounts?
Are there quantity discounts?
How much will my order cost in my local currency?
What if I don't have an email contact from a paid Internet Service Provider?
Why can't I just fax or email my order through?
Australian residents and GST
What payment methods are accepted?

Shipping Information: International Orders
Estimated Delivery Times
Postal Charges
When is Postage free?
ECI International Courier
Tracking Numbers
Customs Duty and Tax

Shipping Information: Australian Orders
Estimated Delivery Times
Postal Charges
Australia Post Express Overnight Delivery
When is Postage free?

Web-downloaded Software
What if I don't have an email contact from a paid Internet Service Provider?
How long after ordering before I receive my key?
I've lost my software registration key.  Can you issue another key to me?
Can I purchase a CD for the web-downloaded software you offer?

Micro or Electronics Specific Questions
What is the difference between the PIC16C84 and the PIC16F84, and do you have the C84?
Can you help me get the source code out of a code protected Microcontroller?
Transistor Types. US Equivalents?
Do you have specs on the LCD displays you sell?

Introduction to Micros for Beginners
Cheapest method to get started in Micros
Information for joining PIC and AVR groups, and News Groups

Dontronics new Message Board is up and running:

General Questions
Do you have a Product Catalogue?
Do you have this item in stock?
Do you offer student discounts?
Are there quantity discounts?
I can't find this electronic item on your web site, or can you source it for me?
Can you design this for me? and sending attachments unannounced!
Can you help me with my project?
Can you use my Hardware project and possibly add it to your range of goods?
Would you like / want to exchange a link with me?
I am a competitor. Why would I want to sell my product through Dontronics?

Don't know what a News Group is?

Questions that have very little to do with Dontronics, or what we sell. and type in your question.
Or visit an Electronics or Micro related News Group.

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