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  Dontronics :: FTDI USB I.C.s 90% Off :: FTDI 232BL IC

    FTDI 232BL IC #16256

Prices | Support | Upgraded your Operating System?

FT232BL - Serial USB UART IC (Lead free)
FT245BL - Parallel USB FIFO IC (Lead free)

All new designs should use the new "Rx" family of chips and modules.
FTDI "R" Series Chips and FTDI "R" Series Modules

These devices have been further simplified by fully integrating the external EEPROM, clock circuit and
USB resistors onto the device.

Tape/Reel only stocked. (Pictured)

Please Note Dec-2008 ****  These BL Family of devices are now considered obsolete and large quantities are no longer stocked, and may need to be ordered in.

We will however always keep stock in the near future, for customers that have used these ICs in their designs. Stock levels shown should be correct.

The FT232BM and FT245BM are obsolete and replaced with the Lead Free FT232BL and FT245BL.

See the attached document which summarizes the RoHS compliant (lead free device) equivalents of our standard (non-lead free devices)

We are gradually moving from non-Pb free to Pb-free throughout the course of the rest of this year. Functionally, the lead free and
the non-lead free devices are exactly the same. The only difference that customers should be aware of is that lead free devices will
require a slightly higher solder reflow temperature. If you have any questions, please ask, as we may substitute a lead free
device if a non-lead free device is ordered.

1-500 usually in stock.
1000+ may need a lead time of approx. 2 to 3 weeks.
Tape/Reel only stocked. (Pictured)
Trays require 1000 minimum quantity order,  and 2 to 3 weeks delay normally.

Additional Technical Information:

When you call a write command you will experience a delay from the software command being sent to data appearing on the converters pins.
This delay is approx 10ms due to the driver sending data to the host driver which then schedules the transfer and the data finally being clocked into
the converter for clock conversion.

With regards to data being read, if the amount is less than 64 bytes then you will wait for the latency timer to trigger to allow data to transfer
from the device to the PC. The default latency is 16ms.

The delay between individual bytes is negligible if you sent the data in packets as opposed to calling the write command for each separate byte.
Regards, Gordon Lunn Support EasySync Ltd

The FT232BM/BL only supports 7 or 8 Bit Data and 1 or 2 Stop Bits.

To convert an AM board to a BM device : (From FTDI Engineering 17-Oct-2002)
1) TEST Pin 5 becomes an Output (RSTOUT) and so if directly connected to GND this track must be cut.
2) RCCLK Pin 31 becomes the TEST pin so remove the pullup resistor and the cap on RCCLK and
short the cap position to GND.
This will then let the BM part run on the AM board.

The crystal has nothing to do with the baud rate.
The USB MOD-01 uses an FT232AM chip. The application note, AN232-01 describes how non-standard baud rates are calculated and how they can be set in the driver using a technique called aliasing.

A custom baud rate is selected by setting the value of a divisor. This value of this divisor is calculated by dividing 3000000 by the required baud rate, then using the closest allowed divisor value. One of the features of our new FT232BM chip is a greater resolution of values available for this divisor. The FT232BM is also available on the DLP USB232M development board.

Best Regards,
Keith Dingwall
Applications Engineer
FTDI Support


1) Do you need additional support on this product?
2) You can't find the information you need in the documentation?
3) You have upgraded your operating system, and the current software doesn't cover it?
4) You need the driver software?
5) You need a list of the Operating Systems this product will operate with? (Covers virtually everything).
6) Any questions not covered in the above list?

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Shipped From Dontronics Tullamarine Australia
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Manufacturer FTDI
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