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Dontronics WebCamWorld Wide Shipping  Low Global Postage  No Euro VAT  Emails Answered 365 Days A Year  Welcome to Dontronics

CodevisionDontronics Prices for AVR Codevision C Compilers and all other HP InfoTech products, are below the prices advertised on the Codevision Web Site. Latest Version is the only one supplied. VAT can't be charged on European orders, as you are purchasing from an Australian Company.  Orders handled 7 days a week as our email is answered 365 days a year. Guaranteed best price on the web.
Large savings for US Customers, as well as European orders.
EasysyncEasySync Premium GOLD USB-RS232 Adapter cables 10cm and 1m cables. Uses FTDI Chipset. Fantastic user feedback.
US232R-10 and
US232R-100 Yes. These are the ones that are C-BUS compatible.
Guaranteed to be fully FTDI compatible: Dontronics Guarantee: Return in a re-sellable condition for a full refund. Includes free shipping in Australia. US232R-10 (10cm)  US232R-100 (1m)

Guaranteed to be fully FTDI compatible: The TTL-232R (5V) is a USB to Serial (TTL level, 6 pin header) converter cable which allows for a simple way to connect  TTL interface devices to USB. (Uses FTDI Chip) See also TTL-232R-3V3 (3.3V)

TTL-232R-5V-AJ ("audio jack") is a  USB to Serial (TTL level) converter cable which allows for a simple way to connect TTL serial interface devices to USB.  (Uses FTDI Chip) See also TTL-232R-3V3-AJ (3.3V)
New Lower Price $18.00 (+GST If App).    

Olimex's new web shop has been so successful, that dealers are feeling the pinch, so we have decided to sell off
all Olimex stock at 75% to 95% off the normal Olimex retail prices.
Dontronics has been in business since 1964.

$2.50AUD (Plus GST if app.)

SDHC USB 2.0 Card Reader This is a great companion tool for your Maximite Computer. If your main PC doesn't have a Card Reader, but has a USB port, this device will overcome the problem.
Compact size and light weight which make it easy to be carried about.Supports various types of memory card. Plug & play. High-speed transmission class-6 (depends on the type of card)
Compatible with PC & Mac
Prices: All Dontronics supplied Sparkfun products, are reduced by 5% per month until they are set to 90% off, so don't spend time hunting down the best prices. 

Just 80 cents for the USB-5V Kit which is designed for the following two applications:
Provide +5Volts to your projects
via either the 4 male or 4 female header pins. You must solder a standard PCB mount B USB connector to the USB-5V module. The signals for pins 1 through 4 on the module are connected straight through, with 5V and ground provided via the B connector. Maximum current is 500ma.

Add USB to your project. You must solder a PoUSB12 to the USB-5V module.

Dontronics prices for web downloaded CCS Compiler keys are 5% less than the prices advertised on the CCS web site.
All orders must be placed via the Shopping Cart, unless prior arrangements have been made for special orders.
This includes Government, and Educational orders.

Prices given are for Internet Shopping Cart Orders only. Sorry, we do not accept phone, fax, or mail orders.

Prices are default set for customers living outside of Australia,and postage is shown for all destinations. Once you register and log in, GST Tax will be displayed for Australians, and postage rates will be selected for your country.

If you wish to pay by credit card, we don't accept free emails addresses such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo, unless you have been a Dontronics customer for a minimum of 6 months. Please see Payment Options for alternatives available. 

Popular Products

Manufacturing has just been ramped
up to meet demand. Don't miss out.
Super4 USB Relay Module

Includes free shipping in Australia.
CANUSB Module from Lawicel

Top16 USB IO
Manufacturing has just been ramped 
up to meet demand. Don't miss out.
Top16 USB IO module
Overstocked. 75% off on our AVR-USB-162 board. 
We are selling a large range of products, which will reduce in price by 5% every month until they either sell out completely, or reach 90% off.

The Maximite Computer 

The Maximite Computer is a small Micro-controller, based on a PIC32 micro that runs the BASIC language from power up. It can be run with a PS2 keyboard, and VGA monitor, or via USB to any computer that supports USB and can run a terminal program. No compiler needed. Develop your BASIC program then save to a standard SD card. Any program named "autorun.bas" will automatically run from the card on power up. It has 20 Input-Output pins on a 26 pin IDC header. BASIC programs can easily be exchanged and saved to a PC using either the terminal program, or the SD card. Fantastic user support via a very active user forum group. Can be powered from 9 to 12VDC or USB.

Tracy Scott New York USA Every thing I have received, 4 orders now, has been carefully shipped. Everything perfect. Always a pleasure opening the package and seeing all the new parts. What a lot of fun. Every one I've had contact with has been so friendly and professional. Thanks for a really good internet shopping experience.
Andrew Aurigema NASA Space Center Florida Don, goods "Arrived Alive" in sunny Florida. Amazing, six days from order to my front door. I am truly impressed with your service. If you are ever in our beautiful state, look me up for a VIP tour of the Space Center.
Chris Hardy  London United Kingdom Great customer service and a great price. The UK distributor wanted about twice as much!
>>...More Customer Feed back...

Some Large Australian Companies are charging 2 to 3 times 
the price of Dontronics, on many popular Olimex boards. 

Our price is currently 75% to 95%
below Olimex prices.

Looking for a dirt cheap bare prototype printed circuit board for your PICmicro or Atmel AVR project?
50 Cents for 1 inch, $1 for 2 inch. Quantity discounts apply.
Atmel AVR: shown fitted with an AT89C2051.
Suits both the old and new (AVR) Atmel 20 pin Micros.
Bare Board Now 50 Cents Each Until Sold Out.

    Featured products
USB-RS232 Chinese Adapter cable. (1.8 Meter cable) USB-RS232-CHN
Cat No: USB-RS232-CHN
USB-RS232 Chinese Adapter cable. (1.8 Meter cable) USB-RS232-CHN
See details

Our price: AUD$24.00
(USD$ 16.71) (€uro 14.77)
Super4 USB Relay Module
Cat No: Super4-USB
Super4 USB Relay Module
See details

Our price: AUD$89.07
(USD$ 62.00) (€uro 54.82)
USBmicro's U401 USB Interface - Worldwide Shipping (Outside the US)
Cat No: U401-USB-$44-WW
USBmicro's U401 USB Interface - Worldwide Shipping (Outside the US)
See details

Our price: AUD$63.21
(USD$ 44.00) (€uro 38.91)
CAN232 Module
Cat No: CAN232-E89
CAN232 Module
See details

Our price: AUD$144.60
(USD$ 100.66) (€uro 89.00)
Arduino Shield LCD
Cat No: Arduino Shield LCD
Arduino Shield LCD
See details

Market price: AUD$18.00
Our price: AUD$4.50
(USD$ 3.13) (€uro 2.77), save 75%
Cat No: PoExtBusOC
See details

Market price: AUD$21.00
Our price: AUD$1.05
(USD$ 0.73) (€uro 0.65), save 95%
LilyPad Bright White LED
Cat No: SF-DEV-08735
LilyPad Bright White LED
See details

Market price: AUD$2.40
Our price: AUD$0.24
(USD$ 0.17) (€uro 0.15), save 90%
LilyPad Tri-Color LED
Cat No: SF-DEV-08467
LilyPad Tri-Color LED
See details

Market price: AUD$9.00
Our price: AUD$0.90
(USD$ 0.63) (€uro 0.55), save 90%
Breakout Board CF Compact Flash Cards - Slim
Cat No: SF-BOB-00493
Breakout Board CF Compact Flash Cards - Slim
See details

Market price: AUD$22.00
Our price: AUD$2.20
(USD$ 1.53) (€uro 1.35), save 90%
Breakout Board for SIM Cards
Cat No: SF-BOB-00573
Breakout Board for SIM Cards
See details

Market price: AUD$16.50
Our price: AUD$1.65
(USD$ 1.15) (€uro 1.02), save 90%
Breakout Board for USB miniB
Cat No: SF-BOB-08401
Breakout Board for USB miniB
See details

Market price: AUD$2.00
Our price: AUD$0.20
(USD$ 0.14) (€uro 0.12), save 90%
990001 XBee Simple Board
Cat No: 990001 XBee DT Simple
990001 XBee Simple Board
See details

Market price: AUD$10.00
Our price: AUD$3.50
(USD$ 2.44) (€uro 2.15), save 65%
990004 XBee USB to Serial Micro Converter
Cat No: 990004 XBee DT Converter
990004 XBee USB to Serial Micro Converter
See details

Market price: AUD$19.00
Our price: AUD$6.65
(USD$ 4.63) (€uro 4.09), save 65%
990005 XBee Multi Interface Board with PIC18F2520
Cat No: 990005 XBee DT MuIn
990005 XBee Multi Interface Board with PIC18F2520
See details

Market price: AUD$40.00
Our price: AUD$14.00
(USD$ 9.75) (€uro 8.62), save 65%
990006 XBee DTE Serial Board
Cat No: 990006 XBee DT DTE
990006 XBee DTE Serial Board
See details

Market price: AUD$25.00
Our price: AUD$8.75
(USD$ 6.09) (€uro 5.39), save 65%
990007 XPort to XBee converter
Cat No: 990007 XBee DT Xport
990007 XPort to XBee converter
See details

Market price: AUD$7.00
Our price: AUD$2.45
(USD$ 1.71) (€uro 1.51), save 65%
990016 XBee Bluetooth Module
Cat No: 990016 DT Bluetooth
990016 XBee Bluetooth Module
See details

Market price: AUD$75.00
Our price: AUD$26.25
(USD$ 18.27) (€uro 16.16), save 65%
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