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Links - Pic Links
Links - ATMEL & Family

  Dontronics :: Links - ATMEL AVR Devices and 8051 Family

    Links - ATMEL AVR Devices and 8051 Family

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ATMEL AVR Devices and 8051 Family.

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Recently we have been bombarded with sites offering a link exchange, yet they have no direct interest for Dontronics customers, so we are now rejecting them all, sorry. We even have agents working on behalf of sites. All affiliates/agents messages will be ignored. We will only accept genuine quality links that are of direct interest to our customers. We don't mind link exchanges from our competitors, but not from sites that have nothing to do with us, or our products.

AVR = Alf (Egil Bogen) and Vegard (Wollan) 's Risc processor
Dontronics produced the very first commercial prototype boards available for the AVR family, and was involved in setting up the first list server chat group for AVR's.

DT104 SimmStick fitted with Atmel AVR AT90S1200 (This can be fitted with any Atmel AVR or non-AVR Micro)

The little rAVeR!
DT006 The Newbie Starting Point. Here is the simple cost effective method of getting started in Microcontrollers and programming in the Basic Language. Anyone familiar with QBasic will dive straight in to this one. Free programmer, free programmer software.

Window on  the electronic design world

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Go check out Dontronics Technical Bookshop for the latest books on:
Programming and Customizing the Pic Microcontroller by Myke Predko.
AVR Enhanced Risc Microcontrollers by Dr. Claus Kuhnel.
Learn 8031/51 Assembly Code the Easy Way


aVrite - the AVR Parallel Port programmer for the Atmel AT90S1200/8515 and other AVR micros. by Chris Morris.
BA1FB's Home Page  Printer Port to AVR programmer by Jerry Meng.
Airborn Electronics programmer
  (No longer operating, please read)
The ITU AVR-1 Programmer Utilities for Linux Home Page
Grantronics GP-AT programmer Atmel 89xxxx (8051 compatible) chips including the PLCC packages. Also AVRs and Serial EEPROMS.


BASCOM-8051 W9x/NT 8051-BASIC Compiler Commercial package available for download.
BASCOM-AVR BASIC Compiler Commercial package available for download.
CodeVisionAVR C Compiler
AVR 16 channel serial servo controller for robotic applications
Very Gnu Avr Programming - eXtreme
Wickenhaeuser 8051 ANSI C Compiler
Dick Cappels' project pages  Here is a byte-wide BASIC interpreter for some Atmel AVR processors (AT90S2313, AT90S8515, ATMega163) that some of your customers might prefer to use rather than BASIC Stamps.


Atmel Home Page
L.O.A.A - List of AVR Applications
Online Tutorial & Resource by Craig Steiner.

Search and the web! 


MCS Electronics
LAWICEL Home Page. Soft & Hardware. Have an AVR query? Why not ask the forum?
Grantronics Australian Professional design based on the 80C51, 80C196 or the Atmel AVR families. With nearly 25 years of industrial electronics experience and nearly 20 years designing with microcontrollers.
AEC Electronics
McGinty Products Includes a page up of expieriences with the BA1FB programmer, AVRBASIC and the AT90S1200. ADC demos for the 8535 by Lars Wictorsson
Italian Technology.
Programming a Spider's Brain

The Cross-Assembler for 8051 (like) Sourcecode

Dr. Claus Kuehnel - Consulting & Distribution Coming soon. BASCOM Programming Microcontrollers with Ease.
13-Jan-2010 Links submitted by Phillip Musumeci. Just saw some links on your site for linux. You can get a list of the current AVR related packages for FreeBSD systems at any of
and searching for Atmel
Accudyne Technical AssociatesFPGA design, PIC Microcontroller, AVR, AVR ISP, PCB Design, PCB Layout, Circuit Design, Serial Communications, Telemetry, Engineering Consultant
The Robot Pages
From: Chris Williams G'day Don, I was browsing your site for resources to use on my DT006.  I thought you might like to link to and as up-to-date sites on using the open source GCC suite on the AVR chips.  The avr-libc site's Online Manual/Related Links page has a step by step on getting the GCC suite going on Linux et al. (no patches or other ugliness) and links to Windows binaries.
"Saelig Co. Inc. is an established USA importer of unique OEM electronic products, including some from Dontronics!
Embedded Systems Embedded-System.Net focus on collecting, compiling and publishing the news, articles and references about embedded systems, including microcontrollers, hardware and software development tools, modules, devices and circuits. NEW Sept-10


DT104 SimmStick for Atmel 20 pin Micro
Directory of Simmstick PCB's available Suit Atmel and PICmicro. I/O and mini-motherboard.
XP-30: Unique Atmel AT89C2051/4051 project board, professional instrument case.


AVR AT90S8515 getting started code. Version 2.0 by David VanHorn
SimmStick Student Projects  Includes Interfacing an LCD to a computer parallel port and interfacing switches and leds to computer parallel port.

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From: Ulf Samuelsson <ulf at>
Atmel flash part numbers:
First digit is flash size in kBytes.

8515 = 8kB Flash
4414 = 4 k Flash

Second digit is EEPROM size.
2 = 64, 3 = 128, 4 = 256, 5 = 512

Third digit is a bit strange.
    0 -- not a lot
    1 -- likely to have a UART
    2 -- ?
    3 -- likely to have UART and ADC
    4 -- ?

Fourth digit is SRAM size.

2 = 64, 3 = 128, 4 = 256, 5 = 512

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