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Links - Pic Links
Links - ATMEL & Family

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    Links - Pic Links

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PIC Related Links and others.

Atmel AVR & 8051 Links | Programmers | Books | Pic Projects | Basic Stamps | Software | Robotics | Emulators | Electronic and Misc | Australian Electronics | Basic Interpreters/Compilers | "Other" 30 Pin SimmStick like Modules | Personal Favorites | Good Misc. Sites | Play Station Mod

What do we like about Links? Want to Exchange a link?

Recently we have been bombarded with sites offering a link exchange, yet they have no direct interest for Dontronics customers, so we are now rejecting them all, sorry. We even have agents working on behalf of sites. All affiliates/agents messages will be ignored. We will only accept genuine quality links that are of direct interest to our customers. We don't mind link exchanges from our competitors, but not from sites that have nothing to do with us, or our products.

In case you don't already know about it, there's a big collection of datasheets available for download at
They claim to have 1.5 million devices on record. Bob Parker.

Microchip. Manufacturer of PIC products.

PICList related FAQ's

Myke Predko's PIC and Microcontroller Reference Page

   PicBasic PRO Compiler and other products.

Italian Technology.

  Fast Forward Engineering. Includes an Embedded Systems Programming Answer Line.

   Ronald Nollet Home Page

DIY Electronics Hong Kong

18-May-99 The father of the PICmicro Printer Port Programmers, David Tait announced the removal of his pages. With his permission, Dontronics has removed his E-Mail contact, and faithfully re-produced his PICmicro pages in full. This means, all pictures, links, and files.

 David Tait's PIC links   David Tait's Programmer Software Variants.

Orlin Technology Ltd.: Suppliers of PIC-based Embedded Webservers.

Electronic engineering and picmicro projects.

ABC MICRO Home Page PICabc - visual assembler for PIC16F84

Home of high quality electronic kits, tools, instruments, and tutorials for beginners to professionals.

DHMicroSystems, Inc. homepage.DH MicroSystems, Inc., manufacturer of innovative PIC prototyping boards.

Modular PIC hardware and solutions.

Find useful electronic projects, electronics articles, links, downloads, books
and online community.

LPC210X hardware and Software (including SIMMstick compatible ARM boards)

STk200 AVR boards and Programmers for PIC and AVR.

PIC based modular development systems including SpectroBUS and Smart plug-in devices.

Control Some ready-made PIC-based boards and solutions.


Bob Drzyzgula's Some Electronics Stuff.

Ham-Pic Resources Page

PIC Corner

Dr. Claus Kühnel Consulting and Distribution. (New Stamp Book.)

Peter Anderson's Home page. Heaps of interesting PIC gear here!!

Orbit CommunicationsWireless Data Communication Solutions

Spread Spectrum Scene Online, an ezine aimed at the RF/spread spectrum/wireless engineer.  See their PIC Page

Byron Jeff's PIC Page

Mondo Technology

SourceBoost IDE  is a modern development environment for Microchip (PIC) and Scenix (SX) microcontrollers. It includes C, C++ and Pascal compilers and also supports other tools like MPASM (from Microchip) and Picc Lite C compiler (from HI-Tech). SourceBoost IDE works under MS Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

Element Products, Inc. Product development and engineering consultants. This is my good friend Ben Wirz, who was my first US dealer and has gone ontobigger and better things, now developing Robots for Parallax.

Embedded Programming Services  Absolute Software Ltd - Microchip and Hi-Tech certified.
Looking for the best microcontroller projects and resources ?
High quality PCB prototypes and PCB fabrication at very low prices. All
boards are manufactured under ISO and UL.

The Control Key Offers expertise in the following areas, Electronic Design Services, Embedded Microprocessor Software and Hardware Design, Windows Software Fast, Small and Efficient Applications of all Types, Database, Graphics, Data Logging, Data Conversion and Hardware Control to name but a few. A new micro controller self-learning kit for distant learners


Good Misc Sites

Jan Axelson

Craig Peacock

Quick From 2002 in China, We have brought software into embedded system and designed platforms on customers requirements in a quick manner. We focus and provide embedded ARM/DSP solutions in video/audio communication, our product has been widely used in surveillance, IP phone, video phone, video conference and PDA, PPC, windows mobile, Nokia symbian S60, smart phone, etc. Resources for beginners circuits and children's experiments and Resources
for the more advanced hobbyist.

EEWeb Electronics Forum Our customized forum is very powerful and supports: threaded comments, ability to upload images and files, LaTex equations, etc.

Prototype PCB Prototype PCB manufacturing that you can rely on to be delivered on time.

Electropages is a cutting edge online press release platform at the forefront of product news for the latest information regarding the global electronics industry. New Apr-13



Microcontrol'n Applications. Microcontrol'n Applications gives the reader the tools to design and build intermediate level microcontroller-based instrumentation and systems. Another Square One Electronics Publication.

Time'n and Count'n is an intermediate level applications guide covering Microchip Technology's PIC microcontrollers. The book describes the unique features of the 8-pin microcontrollers

Serial Communications is a comprehensive book which details various methods for implementing serial communications between a Microchip PIC microcontroller and an external device. Asynchronous serial communications is covered both by using an on-chip USART and by bit-bang methods.

PIC Source Book/Disk by Scott Edwards Electronics. Free Public Release. On-Line version. Now Available in MicroChip code.

Go check out Dontronics Technical Bookshop for the latest books on:

Programming and Customizing the Pic Microcontroller by Myke Predko.

Programming and Customizing the Basic Stamp Computer by Scott Edwards.


Dontronics DT001 Development System Finally, a PICmicro Programmer, no ZIF socket, no moving the Micro.

New Serial Production Programmer Web-Page by Matt Bennett

(Please read) Knowledge on the programmable logic controllers

Pic Projects

Victorian University Electronics Intranet Atmel/PICmicro SimmStick student projects

PIC project page. by Eric Smith.

Vipstick What is a VipStick?

DIY MIDI Controllers using PIC Microcontrollers and Basic Stamps

Doug Rice's Home page - Timers to record Shipping Forecasts and Control LCD's and MiniDiscs.

The Workbench Interfacing a graphic LCD with a PIC

QuickBuilder Home pageA visual code generating tool with schematics and library of sub-circuits adapted for VGA monitor Eric Schlaepfer's MDA & CGA monitor tester ( This scheme is very simple also contains a minimum of units, is hooked up directly to VGA to the videoconnector and generates VGA signal for a mode 640x480 60Hz..

And here is a useful chunk of bookmarks Mark Willis presented on the PICLIST for keyboard scanning.


Don's Download Dungeon Heaps of free and commercial software.

PIC C Compiler from CCS. A low cost high feature 'C' Compiler.

PicBasic Compiler. This will allow you to clone Basic Stamp 1's all day long into cheap PIC16F84's

PicBasic Pro Compiler It's big brother, the PicBasic Pro Compliler for PIC Micros.

Nigel Goodwin's Home Page. This is mainly a Ju Jitsu support page, but will always have the latest version of Nigel's 84 Programmer and 84 dis-assembler software.

PIC Cross Development Support Tools

Embedded Star, Embedded Systems and Software Resources

010 Editor - Hex Editor  A professional hex editor capable of parsing and editing binary files.

PC based virtual instrument,including full-fledged sound card real time Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer and Signal Generator. Download and try.

RS232 Monitoring Software and RS232 Terminal Software Tools .

Eolis Software  Software resources

Basic Stamps

Bob Blick's Stamp Applications Uses for Basic Stamps, and the now popular Propeller Clock.

Links for Stamps/PICs and Related Info by Al Williams

Basic Interpreters/Compilers

From: mcarson 30-Aug-99

link below will download a freeware Basic compiler for the 16x84 that was written by Chris Burns.  If you have not seen it, you might find it interesting.  Since it's Basic, it enables a new user to develop programs rapidly.  ASM code can be easily embedded. Another neat "feature" is that it outputs mnemonics for the SPASM assembler.  A new user can write in basic and then check the listing to understand how his task is structured in assembler. Of course, if you *really* hate SPASM mnemonics, you can assemble and then disassemble with one of Nigel Goodwin's disassemblers.
I have not actually tested the code it generates. I have perused it, and although not optimized, it seems reasonable.  Hey, might help sell a few more Simmsticks... MC

PicBasic Compiler. This will allow you to clone Basic Stamp 1's all day long into cheap PIC16F84's

PicBasic Pro Compiler It's big brother, the PicBasic Pro Compliler for PIC Micros. (Also on my D:\picbasic drive if link vanishes)

This link will download Tom Napier's article on a "Stamp-like interpreter for a PIC (PDF)

PicPuteris a firmware program for a MicroChip PIC16F87x microcontroller.The firmware is actually a basic 'comterpter' (not quite an compiler not quite a interpreter)

Electronic and Miscellaneous Links

PIC16C84, AVR & 68HC11

USBEE DIGITAL TEST SYSTEM. An Affordable And Compact Companion for All Digital Designers


EPE Magazine "On Line Edition".

USBSIMM SimmStick (tm) USBSIMM SimmStick. Yes a PC USB Port on a SimmStick.

Electronic Circuit Building Blocks

Fanuc, Matsushita, Mazak, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Hitachi, Toshiba, Sharp, KME, Totoku CNC machine tool monitors CNC Monitor Replacement, Repair and Exchange!

Tvi Electronics is a designer and manufacturer of custom and standard controllers for Optrex F-51553 128x64 COG monochrome STN touch screen lcds.  Our products can integrate with other applications, ease user interface, and make considerable changes in graphic  lcd system design

Hobby Projects, a useful Electronic resource for Hobbyist, Engineers, Students, R&D Persons & Consultants, wide range of Electronic materials like Circuits, Tutorials, diagrams, schematics are available here.

Electronic Tutorials and Robotics Guide

"Saelig Co. Inc. is an established USA importer of unique OEM electronic products, including some from Dontronics!

Electronic Design, Development and Innovation.


Bob Drzyzgula's - How to make SOIC to DIP adapters

S.N.A.P - Scaleable Node Address Protocolfrom Hiigh Tech Horizon  -  Christer Johansson

Kitsrus, Hong Kong (Formerly DIY Electronics.) Do It Yourself Kit Projects.

Micro Control Journal

Aquarius net - Home of Coliseum Game Central and Linux Game Central

Decade Engineering

Resistor Color Code Calculator

The Tibbo EM100 Embedded Ethernet Module

Hobbytron The largest selection of fun electronics and toys! New windows-based product, PrintCapture, that captures the print output from test equipment (oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, etc.) and creates a BMP image that can be used in project documentation. I think PrintCapture would be a natural for the people that work with  microcontrollers.

Battery Mart

Power Inverters and Solar Panels  We sell power inverters, solar panels, gps systems, and solar education kits.  Supreme Battery offers batteries to fill almost any need — a quality product for the lowest price! We manufacture batteries, chargers and accessories for wholesale and retail customers.

ElectroKits Electronics Providers of fm transmitter kits and electronic kit circuits

Silicon Wafers & Services Silicon Valley Microelectronics manufactures and distributes custom test and prime grade silicon wafers for the electronics
and semiconductor industry. I've got a ham radio technical projects website that has quick a few links and some software projects that I offer.

Science Projects - Electronic Circuits & Tutorials - Computer Based Projects Science Lobby is a useful collection of Electronic Circuits, Schematics,
Electronic Tutorials, Projects, Computer Interface, Diagrams, A complete electronic encyclopedia to find quick solution for electronic design problems
for electronic for beginners, hobbyists, engineers, inventors and consultants. Specialist suppliers of precision cutting, lapping and polishing machines for use in semiconductor, photonics, optics and earth science industries electronics project schematics, parts list, component descriptions, product testing and other references for electronics hobbyist and electronics designer.

InHand Electronics, Inc. Leading provider of low-power embedded systems InHand Electronics - Intel Atom processor, Marvell PXA320, Marvell PXA270, XScale, embedded development platforms. URL:

Stepper Motors - Large selection of stepper motors that can be used in both commercial and industrial applications. Choose from a permanent magnet stepping motor, the hybrid, and variable reluctance stepper motors  NEW DEC 2011


Australian Electronics

Australian Electronics Web Ring

Silicon Chip Magazine

Oatley Electronics

Telelink Communications

Orbit Communications

Bob Parker's Electronic Stuff Homepage!!

RF Modules Australia : Australian supplier of Radiometrix RF modules

EAT Finally fell over 10-Oct-2001 RIP EA 1922-2001

Where I spent 25 years of my life


Active Robots  Educational and Amateur Robotics.

Seattle Robotics Society.

eyeWyreCorporationInteractive, 3d robotics and microcontroller simulation.


Arrick Robotics has a pretty decent support/link section..

Robotics Universe by Gordon McComb The place for robot maniacs of all ages. We have toys, kits, tools, videos, image galleries, news, forums, links and much more.

Consumer Robots - advice, news, reviews and prices

Active Robots a comprehensive range of innovative products, including high quality robot kits, controllers and accessories, along with sensors, advanced DC and stepper motor control and many other electronic and electrical accessories.

Interesting links

Playstation MOD Chips


Personal Favorites, or "What does Don Use"?

If 5 star is the top mark, then these get about a 6 in my book!

Clip Cache Plus Home Page Powerful clipboard extender and a whole lot more!!!

Ztree for Windows  Text-mode file/directory manager for Windows 95/98 and NT.

UltraEdit Home Page. Text Editor - HEX Editor - HTML Editor - Programmers Editor

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