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  Dontronics :: USB Module/Add-Ons :: TCTEC Pty Ltd :: Super4 USB Relay Module

    Super4 USB Relay Module #16730
Super4 USB Relay Module  28-July-2014. New stock coming in 3 to 4 weeks.
If you wish to order in advance, please contact Penny "sales2014(AT)", and she will organize items into the cart so you can place your order.

Product: 16730

Prices | Support| Download

See links at:

USB hub powered, modular relay control board.
Relays (4 x):   5 Amp 30VDC, 5Amp 250V AC

Sealed omron mechanical relays
Command-line application
Standard FTDI USB module (dlls for most OSs)
Power on LED, relay indicator LEDs

The super4 USB relay board is driven over USB directly (not virtual com port). Each board is uniquely identified via its' serial number string, this can be changed using TCTECs RelayMapper application, making replacement of boards easy and programming simple to understand.

User Manual (pdf)

Software Usage Map

Super4 USB Relay Module Windows Software

See links at:

Super4 USB Relay Module Linux Software

See links at:

Roy Wright
Asheboro Fire Department
United States


I am wanting to sound alarms for secondary dispatch(911 calls). We receive call information through email and will use Microsoft Outlook to make a rule to print the message and activate a relay through usb(an idea) to sound external alarms through-out the fire stations. Does this sound like it will work with the Super4 USB Relay Module, if so, how difficult will it be to setup programming?

The Microsoft outlook rule can be set to 'start application', if the email meets the specified criteria.


The application that is started can be a batch file called 'sound_alarm.bat' with the following line in it:
c:\program files\tctec\relayset.exe -salarm,01 -t10000

The above example will switch on relay one, of the relay board called 'alarm' for 10 seconds.
In this case, relayset.exe is located in C:\program files\tctec\ 

I tested this example on Microsoft outlook 2007.
Let me know if I can help further.
Richard van Wyk

Mark Seamans


Question about the Super4.  Does the board/switch hold it's state during a power disconnect. For example:
Port 1 = On
Port 2 = Off
Port 3 = On
Port 4 = On

Will these states remain when power is disconnected from the board or will we need to manage the state after accidental power disconnects?

The relays are non-latching, so when power is lost they default to the off (open) position.
The C source code for lrelayset.exe is on our webstite
It uses the ftdi linux library:http:
Alternatively,rather than use the library,  a compilable C - library is available to interface the FT232RL chip directly.
This has been used to control the super4 under Debian for example.
Note: The super4 uses the FT232RL serial to USB converter in 'bit-bang' mode.


Please let me know if I you any further questions,
Richard van Wyk


If you need additional support on the above product, and you can't find the information you need in the documentation, then please contact support at the address below:

Support Forum:

This product is from: TCTEC Pty Ltd
sales AT
Richard van Wyk

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Shipped From Dontronics Tullamarine Australia
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Aust GST Payable By Australian Residents
Manufacturer TCTEC Pty Ltd
Price: AUD$67.90 (USD$ 62.00) (€uro 46.89)

NOTE *** Australian Residents: If Applicable, 10% GST is added to the price, after you have logged in.

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